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Engineering Manager. | Developer. | Team Lead.

Mark Barrett

Engineering Manager. Developer. Team Lead.

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Professional Profile

Web development generalist with 11 years experience building, delivering and maintaining web applications. I have proven skills as a Developer for some of the UK’s renowned XP evangelists, with extensive knowledge of web architecture, scalable code patterns and API development.

I like innovation, I like code with tests and I like problems to solve. My passions include Agile, automation, continuous delivery and coaching.

Blog posts

3 habits that keep retrospectives relevant

12th April 2016

Our engineering group is a big believer in continuous improvement and we think retrospectives are a valuable tool as long as the sessions remain relevant and productive.

Here are 3 approaches that re-established our faith in retrospectives by keeping the sessions fresh and rewarding.

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Hiring for a cultural fit

26th Jan 2016

There can be few scarier words than “I would like you to run our cultural interview”.

How can we assess a candidate’s culture? Get an idea of their core principles? Judge if they are aligned to our company values? Oh yes — and we only get an hour.

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What can I do?

8th Aug 2014

I’ve noticed recently a lot of content in my social media network is based on the current escalating problems in the Middle East.

Whenever I see such content from a friend or follower, I’m reminded of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Circle of Influence, Circle of Concern.

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